About AMBA

INFORMATION FROM https://www.amba.org.au/families/clubs/why-join

Raising twins, triplets or more is an experience. We aim to make it a positive one.
AMBA clubs operate independently and each offer slightly different services. For the most part, clubs offer similar services targeted at the 0-5 age group such as new & expectant parent information sessions, playgroups, seasonal social events, newsletters, social media support, equipment hire and buy/swap/sell opportunities.
The AMBA Board of Directors works alongside the clubs to implement national offers that all member families can take advantage of, in addition to local club services.
When you join an AMBA affiliated member-club, you are entitled to great benefits.


Hands up if you’ve ever experienced negativity as a result of someone finding out that you have multiples or are expecting multiples… Unfortunately, we know that many of you have. We see negativity all the time – on social media, in the shops, at expos, and we experience it ourselves. When you are expecting multiples, it’s super important to surround yourself with a support network who will raise you up and help you get through your pregnancy.

A multiple pregnancy is classified as higher risk, we won’t sugar coat it. We will, however, provide you with resources and opportunities to get through it while maintaining your mental well-being. If you are already part of a multiple birth family, then you need different things; you need to surround yourself with other families who are going through the same thing so you don’t feel like the weirdo with more than one baby to manage.
It is well documented that families with multiples are at higher risk of experiencing PND and isolation. AMBA exists to reduce this in multiple birth families. Your local affiliated member-club (or unofficial support group if you are in a regional area) are there to offer face-to-face opportunities for your family to connect with other families who have been there and done it before (or are in it right now!).

There are some harsh realities around a multiple birth and things can get hairy and a bit risky. We don’t ignore these factors; we address them head on with practical resources for you to have better conversations with your health care provider and work towards a positive outcome for your family.